Welcome to Fifty Shades of Cray.

A note to our readers: This is much more than a dating blog.
It’s a platform to vent, story share and laugh about how downright cray dating, love and life can be.

This is not a self-help blog. Frankly, we probably have less expertise in love than you do. What this is however is a documentation of our collective experiences that make us laugh at ourselves and build each other up during this tumultuous period of our lives. Everything in this blog is based on actual events. That said, each post is told from the perspective of one of our three authors Blondie, Coco and Dolce. The stories bear the scars of time and were written solely from the perspective each of these tenacious women. We hope that this blog inspires you to share your own stories and wear them proud without the judgement of others getting in the way. Although anonymous to protect the identities of everyone involved, you can find out more about who we are below:


First thing I must point out, I’m blonde. Go figure. I’m 5’5″, green eyed, dress size 8 (UK), shoes I’ll take a 39 (in case someone wants to gift me a pair, jk). So, why am I sharing my life with you? Aside from my profound knowledge on love and dating, I was simply bored of being an epic slut. Jk)) No really, all jokes aside. I hope my experiences can make you laugh, I hope they make you feel okay to do what you truly want, without the empirical judgement of others dictating the way they feel you should live your life. In short, I’m an anti-slut-shamer. In the immortal words of Candace Bushnell:

“Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people we have fun with.”


Speaking of Candace Bushnell, the original self-described sexual anthropologist, I was 15 when Sex and the City hit the airwaves. Although arguably too young to fully understand let alone appreciate the series subversive beyond its time, I religiously watched it every Saturday night at 11pm with the volume on low in the basement trying not to get caught. I was acutely aware even as a child that this is what the future held for me. Low and behold as my peers were married off one by one and are now well aboard the baby train, I stand alone. Well, not really alone; I have my Carrie (Blondie) and Charlotte (Dolce) right by my (Miranda) side. We’re taking applications for our very own Sam as we speak.


My prince is stuck in traffic; you know how it is living in a big city! Could he be waiting for his white horse to poop OR banging  another chick on the back of the same said horse on which he was planning to sweep me off my feet?

I’m probably too young to even think about getting married or starting a family. I do have great career and just launched my own business so I should be focusing on that anyway. But in 21st century hook up culture as a young woman, you always question whether you should maintain the status quo or hope that Prince Charming is still on his way, ready to crown you his princess.


xoxo Fifty Shades of Cray