I (almost) lost my job to Covid-19

There’s no way around this. As a contractor/freelancer my job is in no way safe even at the best of times. That’s why I command the obscene day rate I do. I can be dropped with a week’s notice. With a contract ending this month, I was put on notice that my client may not renew. And frankly in the days of Covid, why would they?

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Self-isolation shaming… and other 2020 faux pas

We are 21 days into the Covid-19 curve-flattening government advised lock-down in the UK. It somehow feels like 21 years. And yet, three weeks seems to have not been enough time for once seemingly law-abiding citizens to come to grips with these very simple guidelines. It’s infuriating, but beyond judge-y looks there’s really not much else the rest of us can do.

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To postpone or cancel our dream wedding for corona/Covid-19?

This is just perfect, isn’t it. Crayzies, since we last spoke, Coco has gone and gotten engaged. Theo popped the question over dinner back in January and since then we’ve been full speed ahead on wedding prep for our big day in June 2020. Oh but wait, everything was going too well so the fates threw us another curveball. Oh yes, you heard it here first coronavirus is scuttling our plans faster than you can spell out COVID-19.

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3 types of wannabe influencers

Haha no you’re not. Nor will you ever be. How can I become an influencer though? I’ve had this question come my way more frequently than usual as of late. Because I work in social media many of my contacts feel that I’m well placed to advise them on the matter. Sorry to disappoint, but there is no secret sauce to being organically followed by a quarter million people. I’ve observed these influencer wannabes fall into a number of categories. Here they are a few in no particular order.

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The Twilight saga: setting women back 50 years

Happy 10th anniversary, Twilight! Ten years ago this week – on my birthday no less – the first instalment of the Twilight Saga hit theatres. Adapted from Stephanie Meyer’s four part series of novels, it has been said- although denied by Meyer – to be a religious allegory for a God is my boyfriend, absence only lifestyle. That should have told us all we needed to know about the series’ values, but we were too captivated by the sparkle to listen. 

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The psychology behind social media PDA

Ugh social media. Somehow it’s ended up being the backbone of my career and I’m not proud of it. It’s mostly fine as a source of news and influencer inspiration, but when it comes to your friends and family using it as a sounding board for approval from their hundreds if not thousands of contacts, it becomes an entirely different story. I’m not here to validate your existence. Stop it. Being a relationship blog, let’s home in on the social media humble-brag and look at PDA. 

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