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My pettiness knows no bounds

It was a nice long weekend. Should have rained the whole time. Didn’t.

In other news, I’m moving. My studio’s rent is going up to a rate that I just can no longer justify. Saw a few one beds. Committed to a very central one for the same rate my current studio is. The only down side is I lose my roof garden and private gym access.

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Let’s Talk About Consent, Baby

On yesterday’s episode (#547) of Dan Savage’s Savage Love Cast, the issue of consent was raised in two calls. The first was from a young lady living in Canada that would be time and time again slut-shamed by her evangelical partner for her past and then date raped by him in her sleep, which he somehow still managed to shame her for. The second call was from a guy in his early 30s that was admitting to date raping a girl a decade ago. Both these calls are resonating with me but for other reasons.

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Party of Five Hits Netflix

Going a bit off-topic here. But everyone’s favourite ’90s primetime soap about a family of sexually charged teens (who also happen to find themselves orphaned) just hit Netflix. I’ve had some time to become reacquainted with the melodrama and feel far more judgemental now than when I was 13 when it comes to the Salinger siblings’ and psyeudo-sibling’ choices. 

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