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The psychology behind social media PDA

Ugh social media. Somehow it’s ended up being the backbone of my career and I’m not proud of it. It’s mostly fine as a source of news and influencer inspiration, but when it comes to your friends and family using it as a sounding board for approval from their hundreds if not thousands of contacts, it becomes an entirely different story. I’m not here to validate your existence. Stop it. Being a relationship blog, let’s home in on the social media humble-brag and look at PDA. 

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It’s a man’s world…

Sorry crazies, I haven’t had the chance to write lately. It’s extra annoying because I had a situation with GoDaddy where this site’s account was attached to Blondie’s bank account and they charged her for another year of hosting. She didn’t know what it was and cancelled it. And in order for me to save the site I had to pay the extra year in addition to a massive “bounce” fee. UGH. I should really be writing more to make it worth our while.

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My pettiness knows no bounds

It was a nice long weekend. Should have rained the whole time. Didn’t.

In other news, I’m moving. My studio’s rent is going up to a rate that I just can no longer justify. Saw a few one beds. Committed to a very central one for the same rate my current studio is. The only down side is I lose my roof garden and private gym access.

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I’m haunted, what can I say?

This is a weird one.

I’m writing this in a Gmail New Message box because I’m at work and don’t want to make it look like I’m slacking. I’m not. It’s a slow day.

I’m not even sure how to start today’s post. Initially I wanted to focus on the fact that the past two “relationships” I’ve been in have ended in ghosting, but I think this theme is far more complex than that.

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Intuitive or downright cray?

This is one of the first posts I’m going to write without a neat and tidy ending.

I’ve been dating a wonderful guy for about two months now. He’s perhaps one of the most delightful people I’ve ever come across. He’s sensitive, warm and is genuinely into me. Regularly, he casually drops into conversation the features he adores about me.

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