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Self-isolation shaming… and other 2020 faux pas

We are 21 days into the Covid-19 curve-flattening government advised lock-down in the UK. It somehow feels like 21 years. And yet, three weeks seems to have not been enough time for once seemingly law-abiding citizens to come to grips with these very simple guidelines. It’s infuriating, but beyond judge-y looks there’s really not much else the rest of us can do.

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The Worst Date of All Time

Around the time I was rebounding from a very serious relationship, Carl* was the first guy I met. I’ve often cited our first date as the worst first date of all time, but despite that, I still went on to (seriously) date the guy. Almost two years after we decided to part ways, I finally found the courage to let him in on the asshole he in fact is.

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Audio Post – Mindy Kaling and her Harem of All White Boyfriends

I briefly dabbled in podcasts recently. Here was my go at a series called The Coconut Collective. The Coconut Collective is a collective of short stories, rants and anecdotes that take a humorous look at the quirks and nuances of dating in London. But not just dating. Dating when you’re south Asian. A coconut colloquially refers to someone that is white on the inside and brown on the outside. Someone like me.

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