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The psychology behind social media PDA

Ugh social media. Somehow it’s ended up being the backbone of my career and I’m not proud of it. It’s mostly fine as a source of news and influencer inspiration, but when it comes to your friends and family using it as a sounding board for approval from their hundreds if not thousands of contacts, it becomes an entirely different story. I’m not here to validate your existence. Stop it. Being a relationship blog, let’s home in on the social media humble-brag and look at PDA. 

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Three months in, he broke his leg

Today I came across a great post on Refinery29 today. It was about how the writer’s anxiety worsened when she moved in with her partner. Take a read.

I haven’t written here in a few weeks but let me tell you. MUCH has happened. It looks like I haven’t even covered the Croatia trip. As mentioned, Theo and I were set to visit the Eastern European beach nation a few weeks ago. After three straight weekends of him travelling to Frankfurt, Ibiza and St Tropez consecutively, it was our time to travel. The day before we were scheduled to fly I received a WhatsApp from him: “So, I think we may have a problem”.

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Carrie Bradshaw has a Big problem

Regular readers will know that one of our favourite topics of all time is Sex & the City. And why not? It’s only the greatest (and most relevant) television series in existence. It also just came to my attention that this week is the 20th anniversary of the series premiere. And yet, it remains as relevant in 2018 as it was in 2008.

Years ahead of its time, it offers dozens of sex and dating life lessons all under the guise of “research” for Carrie’s weekly New York Star column. Those brunches, random interviews with her extended social circle and legendary vox pops (RIP) create a multi-layered thesis style plot turning each character’s life into a modern-day anthropological diorama of sorts.

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It’s a man’s world…

Sorry crazies, I haven’t had the chance to write lately. It’s extra annoying because I had a situation with GoDaddy where this site’s account was attached to Blondie’s bank account and they charged her for another year of hosting. She didn’t know what it was and cancelled it. And in order for me to save the site I had to pay the extra year in addition to a massive “bounce” fee. UGH. I should really be writing more to make it worth our while.

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English versus American Courtship

This past week elite dating app The League made its foray onto London’s social scene. The launch, appropriately titled The London Pre Games, involved a week of straight partying with two or three events a day. Although I wanted to go to them all, I just had time to check out the Shoreditch double decker bar crawl which was just as bonkers as it sounds.

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Let’s Talk About Consent, Baby

On yesterday’s episode (#547) of Dan Savage’s Savage Love Cast, the issue of consent was raised in two calls. The first was from a young lady living in Canada that would be time and time again slut-shamed by her evangelical partner for her past and then date raped by him in her sleep, which he somehow still managed to shame her for. The second call was from a guy in his early 30s that was admitting to date raping a girl a decade ago. Both these calls are resonating with me but for other reasons.

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Party of Five Hits Netflix

Going a bit off-topic here. But everyone’s favourite ’90s primetime soap about a family of sexually charged teens (who also happen to find themselves orphaned) just hit Netflix. I’ve had some time to become reacquainted with the melodrama and feel far more judgemental now than when I was 13 when it comes to the Salinger siblings’ and psyeudo-sibling’ choices. 

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