This is just perfect, isn’t it. Crayzies, since we last spoke, Coco has gone and gotten engaged. Theo popped the question over dinner back in January and since then we’ve been full speed ahead on wedding prep for our big day in June 2020. Oh but wait, everything was going too well so the fates threw us another curveball. Oh yes, you heard it here first coronavirus is scuttling our plans faster than you can spell out COVID-19.

A big wedding was never going to be my thing. I remember back to undergrad when my house of Betty Crocker roommates would gather around the JVC box television set to watch early episodes of Say Yes to the Dress. Why, I wondered. Why would so many intelligent women majoring in complex programs like international relations, finance and microbiology have any interest in some silly girls ogling overpriced taffeta for their weddings they would never wear again in their lives?

The whole wedding industry just grossed me out. DJs, dance floors, bouquets with matching buttonholes, decoration that hang from the rafters, fireworks for a premium! I just didn’t get any of it. That is until I found a fiancé who was willing to indulge every one of my matrimonial desires.

Theo and I both have some roots in the Cote d’Azur. He had a family summer home in the area and I spent time in school there. Last summer we visited and he surprised me (almost 6 months before proposing) with a trip to see my dream wedding venue. He hadn’t been, see, and wanted to do a mini recce.

The hotel is one of the finest in the world. It’s where art-deco meets belle époque. Its lobby was designed by Gustave Eiffel. The white washed ediface is perched gracefully on a cliff overlooking an operational lighthouse on one side and ocean for as far as the eye can see on the other.

There could not be a more sophisticated venue at which to host a wedding. We knew this was the one.

Because we were aiming to get married in 2020 itself, much of the summer had been booked up. Our options included end of the season (mid-October, which I was pleased with the prospect of) or early June. We settled on early June because a cousin of mine is getting married at the end of September and we didn’t want to shoe-horn our own celebration in.

The Save the Dates went out in early February. A digital invitation with details about the Welcome Dinner and Farewell Brunch with an agenda for the weekend soon followed. Of our 110 invitations, 95 came back as “Yes! We’ll be there.” Most of my childhood and uni girlfriends went ahead and booked their domestic and transatlantic flights. We started paying vendors. Then what felt like a train wreck happening in slow-motion before our eyes, Europe slowly began to go into lockdown.

Oh, but wait. The weekend we were at the venue to do our tasting, France was ordered by its Prime Minister to shutter. The hotel was only open to guests by the time we left for the airport. We departed on one of the last flights scheduled until late April.

So here we are now. Our wedding is still penciled in for June 5 to 7, 2020. We’ve sent out the boilerplate “we’re monitoring the situation” email to our guests. But we’re unsure of when to move it to. We do not understand this virus well enough to know even if we decide to move it back to October, will that be enough time for things to resemble normality?

The other option is moving it exactly a year to 2021. Not the worst idea, but we’re not young and that takes another 12 months off us being able to start a family (I refuse to be a pregnant bride).

The other option is parting ways with our deposits and cancelling it. That doesn’t feel quite right either. We want to have this party and bring all our family and friends together for it, but what if government regulation prevents that? What if our elderly relatives fall sick because of our insistence on having an event I once considered a silly frivolity?

We have a lot to consider at the moment. Our situation is in no way settled even if we do move it to a later date. We won’t have any idea if this virus will have subsided. None of us have every lived through something like this. I’ll keep FSOC updated regularly as this shitstorm unfolds. What the actual fuck.